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Candy Cotton

Finger Snapper is a virtual instrument rendered to recreate realistic finger snaps in various groups, duration, notes, pitch, timbre, and effects. It is designed to achieve smooth workflow and ease the production process with professional tools of sound and visual representations built right inside the software itself to help analyze important data in real-time and create the right decision for your purposes. Finger snaps are a very common asset in various industries such as ads, foley, media, metronome, tv series, film, and music production, etc.




  • Filter type - Choice of 2 types of filters, high pass & low pass. 

  • Filter slope - Choice of 4 types of filter slopes, 12, 24, 36, & 48db.

  • Spectrogram - Real-time analysis of frequency & amplitude spectrum.

  • Drive - Turn digital distortion on or off.

  • Limiter - Turn the output limiter on or off.

  • A fader - Control the envelope of attack.

  • D fader - Control the envelope of decay.

  • R fader - Control the envelope of release.

  • S fader - Control the envelope of sustain.

  • Meter - Real-time output led meter from -60db to +12db.

  • VU Meter - Real-time output VU meter from -60db to +12db.

  • Drive fader - Control the amount of digital distortion.

  • Filter fader - Control the amount of frequency cut-off of filters.

  • Glide fader - Control the amount of note gliding into the next note.

  • Level fader - Controls the amount of output gain.

  • Delay - Controls the amount of delay in the mix.

  • Time - Controls the amount of delay time from 0 ms to 3000 ms.

  • Feedback - Controls the amount of delayed feedback.

  • Reverb - Controls the amount of reverb in the mix.

  • Size - Controls the amount of room size from small to large.

  • Damp - Absorption of high frequencies of reverb.

  • Keyboard - 25 notes polyphonic keyboard.

  • Keyboard lighting up - Visual representation of notes played.

  • Waves - Sound & visual reactive representation of the midi signal.

  • Info - Product version and developer information.


₹1,000.00 Regular Price
₹750.00Sale Price

    VST3 plugin-supported software.

    Mac or Windows 64Bit

    Intel Celeron equivalent and above

    1 GB RAM available

    200 MB Disk space


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