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  • Can I send the Order to a different address other than the registration Address?
    Yes, you can send the Order to an Address different than the Registration Address. You will be given the option to send the Order to a New Address, on the Shipping Address Page after adding the Product to the Cart

  • Can I ship the Order I bought to Multiple Addresses?
    If you want to send the product to different addresses, you can place Multiple Orders with different addresses.

  • When will I receive the product?
    For digital products the delivery is instant and for physical products, the delivery time is 1 week to 3 months depending on the location and customs of the country.

  • Are Customs Duties and Taxes applicable?
    For International customers outside of India, Customs Duties and Taxes may apply depending on the country's law your product is being shipped. Please check your country's Customs Duties and Taxes information before buying.

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